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Successful launch Ridder iQ slim

Posted on 10-02-2022 | Written by: Team Cabinaid
Successful launch Ridder iQ slim

Past months, Gert-Jan, Joris and Joep have been busy with the implementation and organisational set up of Ridder iQ Slim. With this ERP package we can fully coordinate the purchasing, stock management, production and sale of Cabinaid supply our customers as effectively as possible. Under the guidance of our consultant Joan, we have set up the program entirely according to our wishes with customized business processes. Both instructive and functional as we could start from scratch.

Last Tuesday was the last session and we went Live under the guidance of consultant Joan. Together, the final finishing touches were made and the outstanding orders were processed from A to Z. This success was celebrated while enjoying a piece of cake from ECI software solutions.

We're now completely future proof and ready to find new distributors, streamline production and sell more Cabinaid AED cabinets!

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