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Step 1: Our road to Cabinaid

Posted on 14-10-2021 | Written by:
Step 1: Our road to Cabinaid

We are a team of brother and sister. Together we have started a company with as goal to make more AED's publicly accessible for emergency situations. We came to this mission together with our father, who started a successful company in the sale of AED’s and (training) materials for (company) emergency services 15 years ago. We have also been working in the industry for several years now. And our experience shows that there is not yet a universal alternative for the storage of an AED device that can be used worldwide. And we will change this with our team.

Our solutions is Cabinaid, part of AED Cup BV. Cabinaid is a brand of our self-designed and developed AED cabinets. The uniqueness of our very spacious AED cabinets is that they can be used in all weather conditions and in extreme and varying temperatures. A Cabinaid AED cabinet needs to work from the Arctic to the tropics around the equator.

We hold the winning formula with Cabinaid, thanks to our experience in the AED industry and our technical background. We are going do to everything we can to make Cabinaid successful, worldwide. Because together with our customers and consumers, we will accomplish our mission: save time, save lives.

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