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Our road to Cabinaid

We, brother and sister, haves started a company together to make more AED’s publicly accessible for emergency situations. Together with our dad, who has been a successful entrepreneur in the AED industry for 15 years, we have come to this mission. We both now also have several years of experience ourselves. And from experience we miss an universal alternative for the storage of an AED device that can be used worldwide. We will change this with our team.

To do so, we have designed and developed the Cabinaid AED Cabinets. The uniqueness of our very spacious AED cabinets is that they can be used in all weather conditions and in extreme temperatures. A Cabinaid AED cabinet will work from the Arctic to the tropics. We will do everything we can to make Cabinaid successful, worldwide. Together with our customers and users, we will, save time and save lives.

The Cabinaid technology

Cabinaid has the first fully climate controlled AED cabinet. The cabinet does not only actively heat when it gets too cold but does also actively cool when it gets too hot, instead of only ventilating. To do so, Cabinaid uses the specially developed climate control unit, custom made for Cabinaid. This unique climate control function ensures that a Cabinaid is suitable for use in any environment, worldwide. Regardless of the weather conditions or extreme temperatures, you don’t have to worry about possible damage or deterioration of the AED device. This helps the AED to reach the expiration date of the battery and electrodes.

Discover the climate control technology